January is the month of glow-ups and revitalisation and this year, Rumpus is joining in! We’re entering 2024 louder and bolder, and more daring than ever, helping our clients make even more noise in their sectors.

Although it might seem to have happened by the flick of a switch, our rebrand has not been overnight. Throughout 2023, we have invested a lot of our time working out a tone of voice, company values and aesthetic which best represents our team.

We embarked on this journey with a clear vision: to redefine our visual identity, refine our messaging, and reaffirm our purpose.

Our new logo is simplified, yet more creative, featuring quotation mark to symbolize content creation and the voice we create for clients. Depicting the flare and passion which our team possesses, the quotation mark blends into a flourishing pattern which spreads over the ‘R’. We have maintained our signature yellow colour, but opted for a brighter tone which matches our vibrant and unafraid company characteristics.

Inclusivity is always a top priority of ours, and we carried this into our rebrand process. Everyone’s opinions were heard and embedded into Rumpus’ new look.

After establishing our fresh and dynamic identity, our team is raring to enter 2024 by working to our new mantra, be unafraid.

It’s not a departure from our roots but a natural progression, symbolising growth, adaptability, and a keen eye on the future…

Our values

Unlike other agencies with just a single word for each value, we wanted to do something different. Our values are not just generic terms, they have meaning and purpose behind them. Resonating deeper than surface level with each one of our team members, our values are not just for show.

Be More Martyn:

The first value we promote and look for in both people and our clients is this, never be afraid. We embrace those with the daring to be bold. To have a curious nature. To be unashamed of expressing themselves. People and clients alike, willing to make a noise when necessary. To stand up for what they believe in. Proud to tell their story. Proud of their individuality. Those types of people fit perfectly into PR.


We may be loud but we believe every sound should have a purpose. We also understand that even silence speaks volumes. The noises that we make are created to have an impact, whether that is through the work we deliver, how we communicate with one another and the way in which we interact with the world around us. We want to be a force for good. We believe that focusing only as far as one’s intent is never enough. We look beyond our intentions and at the wide impact of our words, actions and silence.

Like a dog with a bone:

We NEVER give up. We’re just not the type. We are a bunch of dedicated, tenacious individuals that teamed together, push each other and inspire one and other. Our sheer determination means we never give up. Our greatest strength is our combined, dedication to a cause whilst always wagging our tail.


Our favourite acronym. If a jobs worth doing it’s worth doing well. That’s why we put our hearts and souls into everything we do. We always do our very best. As a team, we like to let our hair down occasionally and that is as equally important. We spend a lot of time together working at the highest level with 100% commitment. Whatever we’re doing, we believe in doing it the best of our ability.

Our rebrand is a reflection of our mission to become a purpose driven business and the unique personality of our agency. We are proud of our work so far and cannot wait for everyone to see what is to come in the next year.

Keep your eyes peeled…