Why Rumpus?

We are a Manchester PR and content agency that

gives socially conscious businesses a voice.transforms how brands communicate. uses intelligent disruption.

We are a Manchester PR and social media agency that creates intelligent distruption

By asking the right questions and developing our understanding of your business, we create exceptional content that influences and empowers people and places.
Manchester PR

Our experienced team works closely with brands to understand their market, overcome communications challenges and achieve long-term business goals. We work with start-ups, SMEs and household names to channel their industry expertise into creative, original messages that stand out from the crowd.

From property and built environment PR, to retail and third sector PR, we collaborate with clients that share our passion for doing things differently.

What we offer

Taking businesses to the next level

Whether you’re an FMCG brand with an eye on securing more listings, or a construction company looking to build your reputation, we’ll immerse ourselves in your world to get a real understanding of where you are and where you need to be.

Our aim is always to take businesses to the next level. We are an ambitious bunch, who are results-driven and full of ideas. We work with clients that share our ethos.