Media that moves

It just takes a few hours

Anyone that has followed the Post Office scandal has probably heard snippets of information over the last ten years. A scandal very much kept out of the main stream media, apart from a few clever investigative journalists.

10 years of red tape

The stats suggest there have been hundreds of enquiries, major investigations and years of legal wranglings, all of which are usually designed to elongate a process until the small guys give up, or worse in this case.

One show that changed it all

Until the end of 2023 and early 2024 when ITV released Mr Bates against The Post Office, a show which changed it all. It worked because it was piece for the time, the nation has been bombarded by negativity with war, the cost of living, and high profile debates such as immigration. We needed a David vs Goliath story and it came in the shape of this documentary. Not even 4 hours long, but a simple, well delivered, well acted documentary that jolted the nation and politicians into action.

Media has its role

Working with the media we hold strong views about how influential it can be, that is why telling simple hard hitting stories will always change behaviour, if done accurately and well.