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Social media marketing – a big opportunity for the built environment sector?

According to the latest report from the Office of National Statistics, 90% of the UK population has access to the internet, with a staggering 73% using it on the go via smartphones and tablets. The biggest use of the internet is, of course, social networking, where 79% of UK adults use Facebook and almost half use Twitter and Instagram respectively. Following such high social media usage comes unfathomable opportunity to market your business and the built environment sector is no exception.

Whether a property developer or construction company, a strong social media marketing campaign can help to build reputation and create networking opportunities, as well as reducing advertising costs and courting new audiences.

Essential to the use of social media in the built environment is imagery and video content, making Instagram the ideal platform to launch a new digital marketing initiative. An audience’s ability to imagine themselves in the bespoke kitchens and king-size bedrooms of a seemingly idyllic property development resonates much stronger than any written description ever could. Instagram Stories and live posts also enable businesses to reiterate their unique selling points in real-time. With posts gathering approximately 4.2 billion “likes” worldwide every single day, evidently Instagram has become an industry-leading tool for business communications.

Moreover, using relevant hashtags guarantees that posts reach the desired audiences (e.g. #buytolet or location hashtags such as #Manchester) to ensure effectiveness. Similarly, a simple yet incredibly effective marketing technique is to include a specific location in posts, which amplifies engagement by 79%.

Undeniably, the built environment sector relies on numerous bodies working together coherently in the supply chain. Therefore, choosing the right people to work with is essential. LinkedIn is vital for any business wanting to forge beneficial collaborations with industry experts. And with 24/7 connectivity, LinkedIn allows you to network in real-time wherever you are, producing content that makes your audience tick. What’s more, it is multi-purposeful; possessing the ability to connect with current and past clients and showcase positive testimonials for your new audience. Hence how the potential to win new business is endless.

Additionally, a successful social media campaign limits the need for paid digital and print advertising, which can allow businesses to save money. Through strategic content planning, a business is able to demonstrate that they are active and engaged in communication; something that is very desirable to clients.

With the changing marketplace becoming progressively reliant on social media marketing, it is essential that the built environment sector embrace this method of communications to ensure #INSTAnt – and lasting – success.

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