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The changing landscape of PR

The way we communicate is continuously changing, therefore the world of public relations has to change with it. According to a global survey conducted on behalf of the International Public Relations Network (IPRN), 58% of PR agencies believe traditional public relations is changing as digitalisation moves into the communications sphere.

So what has technological advancement brought to PR and how can we ensure we integrate it successfully?

Online media

The type of media used by agencies and brands is evolving. A huge 74% of respondents to the IPRN survey noticed a decline in earned print coverage vs earned digital coverage. With 50% of publications now only available online, this statistic is hardly surprising.

Operating within the online world changes how content is regarded and created. Content is consumed quickly, meaning there is a strong demand for brands to constantly deliver new and engaging content.

Social media has provided the platform for brands to reach a large audience quickly, creating an online personality that directly converses with its customers. Because of this, public relations has become about so much more than brand awareness – how a company engages with its consumers, shares the latest products and demonstrates authentic values and character is also essential to build a positive reputation.


Video has become an increasingly popular tool within PR, and rightly so. According to a Renderforest survey, 52% of marketing professionals worldwide recognised video as the type of content that delivers the best return on investment.

Social media audiences are much more likely to share video content compared to text or images, with video achieving an estimated 1200% more shares across social platforms.

It is essential for brands to take advantage of this thirst for video content and create fun, interesting and impactful videos. This approach can lead to amplified reach and impressive online views. Videos do not have to be extensive or flashy – research has shown that videos under 30 seconds are the most successful for promotional and brand awareness.


Traditional PR is often disadvantaged by the perception that it does not have a tangible impact on sales, due to the inability to track direct lead generation.

However, one of the major benefits of digitalisation for PR is traceability. The availability of detailed reporting on results allows PR professionals to highlight the value they deliver to a brand with comprehensive, online reports.

Through targeted campaigns on social media platforms, we are now able to promote a brand’s story, entice customers and monitor who clicks where and how many times, enabling us to accurately analyse a consumers journey.

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