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Positive Influence: Our fave body positive digital moments

With ever-increasing pressures to look ‘picture perfect’, this year’s mental health awareness week theme: body image, addresses a growing issue in society.

False self-representation via doctored images and popular filters has left concepts such as body positivity and self-love foreign to many. Our mantra here at Rumpus is positive influence and so this is why we’ve chosen our fave body positive moments that celebrate you as you are:

1. ASOS features a Tinder user as an online model

A student was mocked on her fashion choices by a Tinder match last month after posting an image of herself wearing a pink ASOS dress, seen below, on the popular dating app.

Through direct message, a user claimed that the dress ‘wasn’t doing her any favours’. In response to this, ASOS made the young girl a model of the dress on its website. This was not only a fantastic example of reactive PR but also represented fantastic body positivity. I think we can all agree that she looks absolutely beautiful!

2. Rising popularity of  @i_weigh by Jameela Jamil

One of our favourite accounts on Instagram is @i_weigh, created by actress Jameela Jamil.

The account was established to celebrate body positivity and self-worth. Here you’ll find reposted images of Instagram users stating what they love about themselves, with the addition of popular positivity quotes.

Jameela says that she created the account because she was ‘just done with women not seeing how amazing they are because they don’t meet society’s beauty standards.’ The account has grown immensely since it was launched in 2018, with an impressive 700,000 follower count. Be sure to give it a follow if you don’t already.

3. Missguided’s ‘Make Your Mark’ campaign

Missguided’s Make Your Mark campaign recently gained viral attention online.

The campaign promoted the message of ‘inspiring babes to love themselves, for themselves, to embrace their flaws and not to strive for what the world perceives as perfection’.

Its celebration of all body shapes included but was not limited to, glitter stretch marks, mannequins with stretch marks and anti-retouched images.

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