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5 ways to build your interiors brand with Instagram in 2019

With one billion active users each month, Instagram is a fantastic tool for getting in front of your target audience and growing your business cost-effectively. Due to their aesthetic nature, interiors accounts are hugely popular on Instagram, so with our experience running such accounts, we thought we’d share some top tips on building successful, engaging social media platforms. Although interiors-focussed in this instance, all of these tips are applicable to any industry looking for some help in making a mark on Instagram. 


Follow the right people

If you’ve just set up your account, the best place to start is by following all relevant accounts that fall in line with your brand. Whether this is local suppliers, businesses or clients, following such accounts positions you alongside the right people that you want to be noticed by.

Stand out visually 

First impressions count on Instagram, so ensuring your profile looks professional is imperative. Make sure you have:

  • A strong logo
  • A trendy bio that encapsulates what you do and where you’re based
  • Strong Instagram story highlight graphics

This will ensure you look professional while showing you have a natural digital flare. Take a look at our Altin Homes Instagram if you’re lacking inspiration or need additional guidance. 

Talk about what’s trending

With an overly saturated market, it’s important to show that you’re up-to-date with the latest interiors trends. Buy leading interiors magazines, such as Elle Decoration UK, Architectural Digest and Frame, to pick up on what’s hot now and predictions for next season. This way you can showcase your knowledge of trends and themes ahead of interiors bloggers.  

Have a signature look

Once you begin building a following and showcasing your content, it’s a good idea to have a consistent filter theme. You could do this by creating your own preset or by downloading handy apps like VSCO or Afterlight which already offer great filters. 

Post at the right times

Once your page is set up and you’ve started sharing content, be sure to take a look at the analytics in Instagram’s Insights section. This will show you which types of content your audience is engaging with most – the types of images, videos or Stories. This information will also help you determine when they’re frequently online, helping guide the times that you post at. Using the right hashtags, usually all 30, is also a great way of maximising your exposure in the community. Finding the most relevant hashtags takes research, trials, and modification, but once you’ve found the best equation, engagement will start to climb.

If you have a brand that needs help with its social media, drop us a line via email or phone.

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