Media Relations

Communications Strategy

We know what journalists are looking for, so it’s our job to dive into your company values, create a strong voice and find opinions that will set you apart from your peers.

This is the purest form of PR and uses a mixture of tactics to help us build strong, integrated communications strategies that get you noticed by the right audiences.

Our vision and values sessions are designed to make the most of your stories. Over a day, we will get to the heart of your business to understand your short and long-term goals, identify key stakeholders and show what success looks like.

We take what we learn from the stakeholder sessions and create a communications strategy for achieving the aims of the business. We add strategic thinking and present an achievable plan that will make your audience sit up and take notice.

Media Relations

Consumer PR

We understand how crowded consumer media can be, so we approach any consumer brief strategically. Tapping into your core audience, we find the most intelligent ways for your brand to disrupt the ordinary.

In the digital age, the battle for space is even greater. We’ll deep-dive into your requirements and only recommend an approach that will help you meet your objectives and target the right consumers. So, if you’re planning a new product launch, an event (virtual or otherwise), need promotion for your venue or have a unique proposition that’s going to change the way people live their lives – give us a shout.

Media Relations


Whether you’re looking to sell a product or service, we’ll drill down into your target audience, what they’re reading, and which channels matter to them to position your company as an industry influencer and reach the right businesses.

Media Relations

Trade PR

Our trade media experience is extensive. From media planning and buying, to product launches, company profiling and gaining consistent, powerful coverage within your sector, our know-how will get you noticed.

Media Relations


A powerful, committed CSR policy is vital for operating ethically in today’s business world. From community engagement or charity work, to sustainability drives, CSR should be a core part of your communications strategy.

Companies that play their part in supporting their community and the planet can also benefit from goodwill locally and nationally.

We help our clients to develop strong, genuine CSR policies that demonstrate a commitment to giving back to communities and the environment.

Media Relations

Issues Management

Though we hope the worst never happens, we’ll ensure you’re ready if it does.

We oversee crisis management for clients, preparing the right responses quickly. We also manage wider issues management projects, as well as working with companies to put pre-emptive plans in place.

This includes establishing a core team within your business to handle any crisis and putting comprehensive scenario modelling in place so no stone is left unturned.

Media Relations

Media Training

Do you have a spokesperson who needs a helping hand when it comes to dealing with the media?

We train your leading executives and spokespeople on the art of media relations, transforming them into confident, expert voices who can get your message across – and an invite back to the conversation.

Using a mixture of role-play, Q&A sessions and video playback, we’ll show you where your technique can be refined for maximum results.