Property PR

Property PR is a skill and is best done by people that understand the sector.

Property PR covers many aspects be it support with commercial, working with agents, PRS, BtR to off plan development sales. Reputation is fundamental if you work in this sector and credibility is crucial, ensuring that you are trusted by your customer.

We offer extensive PR services to help propel your business:

  • Classic B2B PR communications that build brand image and enhance reputation
  • Corporate media relations that deliver outstanding press coverage and engage stakeholders
  • Crisis PR to support your through any crisis that may arise
  • Full PR analytics that detail ROI from PR activity

We have many years of experience in delivering schemes for developers looking to sell off-plan and throughout the construction process. Rumpus PR negates heavy advertising costs and yielding sales at an early stage. We know from experience that gaining national press coverage for a development will quickly increase sales.

With the rise in Build to Rent developments, support for such is key at an early stage; the building the community journey starts immediately as opposed to waiting until the development is complete. We support with communication across all media and digital channels. We ensure that all messaging is delivered from the get-go.

At Rumpus PR, we deliver detailed insights into how your company is perceived by industry press and potential clients. Within this, we provide full competitor analysis whilst diving into reports that demonstrated how your reputation could be affected by industry issues and campaigns.

Our highly skilled team of PR experts understand the property PR sector and its media. We have many close ties with influential journalists across numerous publications including national press, built environment trade media, as well as lifestyle media. Our extensive list of contacts enable us to turn your campaigns into exceptional media coverage.

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