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Corporate Affairs PR

As many companies have learnt, it takes a long time to build a strong corporate reputation, and a short time to destroy it.

Our team can help you to drill down where your business stands in the market, and what it stands for. We organise and run vision and values sessions that clarify your aims, objectives and USPs, providing the foundations of a strong corporate communications strategy. This includes planning the release of financial results, engaging with stakeholders and delivering a constant stream of business success stories. We are regularly given briefs where the objective is a clear exit strategy, our PR support helps businesses attract private equity suitors.

While we hope the worst never happens, we’ll ensure you’re ready if it does.

We regularly handle immediate issues management projects, as well as working with companies to put pre-emptive issues management plans in place. This includes establishing a core issues management team within the company, and comprehensive scenario modelling.

In the last 12 months we have handled three serious crisis situations, we can’t share them with you, but you wouldn’t have heard anything anyway.

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