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Charity PR

Fundraising support is at the core of charity PR, and our experts have a proven track record of driving donations.

We take a strategic approach to PR, ensuring we make the most out of available budget, setting measurable objectives and regularly reporting progress to trustees. Our team will find creative ways to tell your charity’s story and make an impact on stakeholders.

Our work for children’s cancer research charity, Kidscan, has generated over 500 pieces of regional, trade and national coverage. The team’s recent ‘I Miss’ campaign, which used video to tell the personal stories of childhood cancer sufferers, and asked people to forgo one small thing they’d miss and donate the equivalent money, added over £40,000 to donations over a 4 month period.

Of course, charity PR extends beyond media relations, social media and events. In the last two years, we have forged corporate partnerships for Kidscan that contribute over £20,000 a year, and counting.

Social media provides a direct connection between charities and their supporters. We will help you make the most of this, developing engaging content that sparks conversations and builds a dedicated following.

As well as working with charities directly, we also produce meaningful CSR campaigns for companies that need to ensure their actions match up with their values. We’ll ensure your CSR campaign wins the backing of your employees and fits in with your company ethos.

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