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Engaging the next generation of PR

As the world around us becomes more technologically driven, industries are struggling to find their feet on how to operate in the modern world. Public Relations has had to evolve alongside the rise in digital, and with this, the industry has reformed the traditional work boundaries. With a new generation of workers on the horizon, we look at what Rumpus and other agencies are doing to engage with the next generation. 


Flexibility, flexibility, flexibility

9 to 5 is becoming a thing of the past in PR, with smartphones and laptops making work increasingly mobile. With a greater focus on the quality of life, flexible working seems to be the most sought-after benefit of the 21st century. The next generation of digital natives will have no issue whipping up a press release or designing a social post away from their desk. 

Flexible working shouldn’t be a daunting prospect for business owners. In fact, it’s shown obvious benefits. For example, a survey by the Independent stated that flexible workers take less leave and are more productive than the average worker. 


Most millennials and Gen Zs will only aim to stay in their current position for one to two years, before leaving to seek new opportunities. When junior staff were asked about their career progression in the PRCA Annual Report, they shone a light on the need for more formal training. Due to this, looking to implement ongoing training for the next generation may inspire longevity in a job. 

Retaining your talent is a positive change for the PR industry, often known for high employee turnover.


Transparency and open employee communication are in demand. Not surprisingly, the PRCA stated junior team members wanted to avoid “how little they are briefed”, “pressure” and “unrealistic workloads leading to late and sleepless nights”. 

Encouraging regular feedback is an excellent way to promote transparency in the office, as it can highlight factors that are missing in business. Millennials and Gen Zs have new, modern ways of thinking about the agency model and their opinion can help shape what’s next for PR.

Being open with your employees can also create an environment where people feel valued. Why not shout about employees’ achievements on social media? This will ensure everyone is appreciated, and also helps put faces behind the names.  

The latest technology

Modern company culture goes hand-in-hand with technology. Digital natives engage better in a space they feel more comfortable in. This means ditching the old PCs and heading towards new, laptops with the highest specs. Much like you invest in your staff, you should also invest in the tools your staff use. 

New work-sharing programmes and project management websites are also considered leading features in a modern office. Data programmes like the cloud helps ensure working is mobile and enable easy access to documents on the go. Utilising the fact that you can work on any project, anywhere, will ensure the PR industry is ready to engage the next generation. 


Although some of these changes can seem drastic, they’re necessary when attempting to engage your next generation of workers. Small steps can lead to big changes within an agency, and there’s no time to start like today.

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