Keeping your body and mind nourished is key for self-care. Practising selfcare isn't just a one-off thing for one week or month, but for every day! Mental health awareness is so important, now more than ever. So, we have collected some of the Rumpus team's personal and most effective ways to help with mental health and selfcare. 

Jade’s top tip: Self-love is not selfish 

In the wise words of Harry Styles - ‘Treat people with kindness’ and by that, he also means treat yourself with kindness. 

Taking care of your body by eating well is important but going out and if getting ice cream as an occasional treat makes you feel better, then why not? Looking after yourself boosts serotonin and makes you feel good, so a bit of pampering and indulgence is definitely a good thing. Something Jade loves is heading out to a new coffee shop, listening to Harry Styles on the journey there, of course - now that's self-love. 

Hope’s top tip: Don’t stop moving 

To the S Club beat! It kind of makes you want to get up and dance, right? Well, you should, because it will improve your mental health. According to 'Very well mind’,  98% of all dancers say the practice improves their mood. Whether it's a boogie in the kitchen to your favourite song, or doing ballroom steps in your community centre. Dance offers freedom and creativity without thought. You are not only moving your body to a rhythm but also burning calories and getting a workout. Hope loves going to the gym but loves a good dance in the club too!

Getting moving is Hope's big selfcare tip

Getting moving is Hope's big selfcare tip

Evie’s top tip: Be at one with nature 

The outdoors is one of the most accessible tools to benefit your mental health. Getting out of the house and going for a walk helps to switch off. Feeling more relaxed and reducing stress or anger from a little walk is insane. Listening to music when walking can boost your mood even more and with the right playlist, the benefits are endless. Also you never know who you are going to meet when out and about - an old friend, a cute dog, or even a potential future partner! 


Becky’s top tip: You got the power 

We had to quote the fabulous Little Mix, but it's also Becky reminding you that you have the power to control what happens. By focussing on what you can do in the moment can really centre yourself when struggling with mental health. Her top tip is taking control & to break down any stress into manageable chunks. Knowing that you can't fix everything in one day is really important. Asking yourself what you can do to help? What is in my power to control? What's the worst case scenario? From experience, overthinking sometimes just isn't worth it because it is never really as bad as you think. 

These are really fun, easy but especially important to help with your mental health. All these are tried and tested ways for selfcare by the Rumpus team and are 100% recommended. 

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Hope Edwards, Junior Content Producer