The importance of visual identity when establishing your brand on social media

Whether you’re just starting out or your brand is already established, having a thorough plan of action when constructing your brand’s identity online is essential. Your social accounts are your brand’s visual identity, so they should be consistent, branded and planned in depth.

Know your audience

The story of your business isn’t about you, but about your customers and clients. Long before you establish an online identity, you need to be sure who your audience is. This will help identify what sort of content you should be putting out there. Survey your audience to see what sort of themes they like seeing online, what colours they prefer and their preference on the type of content they’d like to see.

Have brand guidelines

Begin by implementing your brand guidelines through social graphics. Your brand’s identity will become much clearer throughout your content when you’re consistent with specific colours, fonts or icons. If you don’t currently have any graphic design capabilities, using programmes like Canva can be a great gateway into design.

Don’t have any brand guidelines? Spend a day choosing which colours you like and writing down their HEX code, use the same font as your website or choose a font to download online. Make sure you’re replicating the feel of your website – if your website is minimalistic, your Instagram should be too.

Although this can be done by yourself, it’s better to consult a professional who can deliver you your very own branded pack.

Our work for The Ingenious Theming Company’s Instagram.

Maintain consistency

If you’re starting from scratch, it’s important to have a consistent theme throughout your social channels, your website, your marketing materials and your product. A unified look really testifies to the legitimacy and seriousness of a brand. Make sure you have a logo and colour scheme that works well across all platforms.

Our work for The Ingenious Theming Company’s Instagram.

Using organic content on social media

Before you set anything up, make sure you have enough organic content to go forward for one month. You only need one photoshoot for a few months worth of content, so preparation is key. Take as many images or videos of your product, team or events as you can. This way you know you have content in the bank to share, and you can be selective to ensure you’re putting your best content forward.

Plan ahead

Once you’ve set up your account, have your brand guidelines and your content, hold off on posting until you have a monthly content plan. Organising your content into a detailed plan that outlines the date you’re posting, the caption that goes with the image, and any relevant hashtags will ensure your brand is consistent and organised. It also gives you a great guide going forward.

If you’re interested to see what we can do with your brand’s visual identity, give us a call or email us.