My background is consumer PR through and through.

Having worked for almost 20 years on some of the biggest brands in the UK, I thought that was where the best work and job satisfaction lay.

How wrong was I?!

I’ve been working with the team at Rumpus now as a senior consultant for the best part of three months. During that time I have been blown away by this team and their industry knowledge. They are passionate, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and creative.

In consumer PR you tend to be a jack of all trades but a master of none. In B2B you’re a jack of some trades and a master of them all. What these guys don’t know about built environment or green energy and how to sell in those stories to trade press and more broadly is not worth knowing.

I met Paul, one of the co-founders alongside Gareth, about five years ago when we were both on the north west PRCA committee together. We got on from the start so when an opportunity arose to work with the team, I jumped at it.

My experience with B2B has been limited to forward features and selling in a new listing story for a brand. But there are so many opportunities to cross-sell B2B clients into more consumer-facing media that my eyes have really been opened.

So, what have I learnt?

B2B clients are naturally more complicated to get your head around than a new type of sauce for example. It takes a certain type of patience, tenacity, and creativity to get to the heart of the story for a B2B client. And even more to see where else this can be placed rather than the standard trade publication for it.

I thought consumer was the hot bed of creativity, but B2B is full of it, albeit in a different way. Strategically as well, clients still want to deliver on their objectives and need a campaign that ladders up to this. The way I previously thought about B2B was the way a consumer PR would consider a press office. It’s the foundations, certainly not icing on the cake in terms of the big campaign ideas.

I hope I’m bringing something different to the team in terms of thinking about their clients in a different way. They are, in turn, really opening my eyes to what’s possible within PR and communications.

I’ve always been drawn to crisis comms and issues management as it’s got to be so considered and well thought through and this is similar to B2B. So, while you can’t take the consumer PR out of me, I’m a new convert to B2B.