As a food and culture obsessed girl and newbie to Manchester, let me bring you along to explore what the city has to offer! I love finding new places and Manchester has so many excellent restaurants and bars I can’t wait to try. Come with me as I tick off each eatery on my embarrassingly long list on my iPhone notes.

Location: Kitten, Deansgate Square, Manchester
Price: ££££
Vibe: Atmospheric, stylish, fine dining
Service: 4/5

Kitten Japanese style restaurant Manchester

When entering Deansgate Square, the opulence of Kitten immediately attracted me. The grand entrance instantly transports you from the rainy streets of central Manchester to Japanese luxury. I visited on a Thursday and was greeted to a more relaxed ambience, with the DJ creating a special atmosphere.

The interior was absolutely stunning with towering bonsai trees, a white marble bar and the extremely high ceilings. The aesthetic was giving me inspo for my future home and made me realise I need it to be this level of extra. The bathrooms were extremely chic (great for selfies) and every aspect of Kitten, even down to the plates, was gorgeous.


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The presentation of each dish was beautiful and had great attention to detail, matching the interior design of the restaurant. Behind the grand marble bar, you can see the sushi chefs making the food, so you know it is all fresh.

It was clear the food was made by first-class Pan-Asian chefs with how top quality it was. The miso glazed aubergine was a standout dish for me with how flavoursome it was, and I think I enjoyed this more than the sushi. However, I did find that the seabass sashimi lacked flavour and they were very small pieces. As I expected it was very expensive, and I might even say a little overpriced. Compared to other restaurants which are similar, I think you can get more bang for your buck somewhere else and have just as nice food.

If you're in the mood for sushi, take a look at Kitten's site here. 

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