Property developers have much to consider, and their end game is ensuring that they have delivered a profitable scheme to ensure success. Overlooked by many is the opportunity to secure property sales before the ground has broken or a brick is laid. There are many opportunities to achieve awareness for your development and you must make the most of these. Consider communication to your audience even at the earliest opportunity – acquisition of site, planning application submitted and hopefully approved. This communication via press and digital channels should never be overlooked.

Really think of your target audience

Who are you appealing to? Is it Investors, people who live in the community, or those seeking to move to the area? You will have a different communication to each of these audiences and the former may never even see the development or visit the area. Those who want to live in the homes will need a softer approach, this key messaging can be established from the outset and delivered at all stages in your communication strategy to ensure that you engage with potential buyers. If you want to appeal to investors they tell them what they want to hear, whether that’s yield or capital growth. Homeowners will want to hear that the home comforts and luxury they require will be delivered.

Seize every opportunity

There will be many opportunities to sell throughout the delivery, and the benefits of off plan sales are crucial to support cash flow and go a long way to forward funding the development. Update messages on digital channels and press communication at key stages are opportunities whereby sales can be achieved. Coordinated messaging is key and this is an approach that we take with our Property PR clients. With a market that suggests that off plan buying is set to rise and represents more than 30% of all sales, overlooking these opportunities is remiss.

Consider the community

Developers must understand that they are building in a community which has existed for years and realise the impact their homes have in the area. Consider initiatives to show that you value the community and that you are prepared to invest in and that you are considerate. Keeping the community informed and involving them through public consultation is essential.

Going again? – share your success.

You are only as good as your last development, and this is so true when it comes to development schemes. If you have delivered a successful scheme – please communicate this wherever you can, with stakeholders’, customers, and the local community. Your future scheme will be judged on how you performed in your previous delivery. Property development is a long process and any development should be supported by a clear concise communications strategy.