As a food and culture obsessed girl and newbie to Manchester, let me bring you along to explore what the city has to offer! I love finding new places and Manchester has so many excellent restaurants and bars I can’t wait to try. Come with me as I tick off each eatery on my embarrassingly long list on my iPhone notes.

Location: Hampton and Voúis, 31 Princess Street, Manchester
Price: ££
Vibe: Minimalistic, chic, relaxed
Service: 4/5 

If you’re looking for a café which offers a perfect balance of sweet and savoury options, look no further than Hampton and Voúis. The Mediterranean-inspired menu offers a twist on brunch/lunch options, with additions of olive tapenade, sundried tomatoes and feta to your usual poached egg on sourdough toast. For those with a sweet tooth the unique pancake stacks, such as the jammie dodger stack, offers an indulgent treat.

Personally, I think the prices are very reasonable compared to the usual prices these days for aesthetic/insta-worthy spots.

Firstly, what convinced me to queue outside on a Saturday morning was the pastries and cakes I had seen on the Hampton and Voúis Instagram. I can confirm they were 100% worth the wait (I would even wait double the time). This independent café offers some of the best pastries I have ever had, with the pistachio croissant taking the top spot for me. Hampton and Voúis have a delicious range of treats which are levels above your average plain croissant and are all made by local bakers on a rotating basis. I also appreciated how they had dairy, vegan and gluten-free options to cater for all dietary requirements.

Hampton and Voúis food picture

Located just off Albert Square on Princess Street, Hampton and Voúis is the perfect aesthetically pleasing brunch spot for a coffee morning date or to catch up with friends. I have visited twice in one month and will definitely be returning!

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