Sustainability in the office in often overlooked. Many people are conscious of sustainability in the home, but it’s often not something we think about as much in the office.

To help reduce our impact on the environment, it’s important we’re trying in every aspect of our daily routines, so here are a few of our tips on how to be more sustainable in the office:

Go Green - literally

Plants are, both literally and figuratively, essential for a greener office. Having a desk plant, as simple as it is, will make a cleaner and happier space.

Plants are good for the earth, and our general wellbeing. They produce more oxygen, purify the air and generally make the office brighter and more colourful.

Support local

Buying from local businesses is a relatively easy sustainable act. Local businesses often have a smaller carbon footprint than bigger retailers. So why not try that independent sandwich shop for your lunch, instead of a larger franchise fast food restaurant? Or the small coffee van on your way to the office, instead of a chain. We are lucky to be based an Altrincham so we have a plethora of local options, if you're not as lucky, that's fine - just look to stay local when you can.

Flip the switch

Computers, chargers and printers all use massive amounts of energy.

Leaving the lights on from nine till five and leaving the PC monitor on overnight uses a LOT of power. The simple solution is to flip the switch and turn everything off. Added bonus: It also will save energy costs for the business in the process.

Let the light in

Make the most of the natural daylight in your offices by opening the blinds and turning the lights off.

Not only will this reduce your office’s energy consumption, but natural light is also good for the body and brain. Natural light helps the body produce vitamin D, improves circadian rhythms and helps us focus. This is key for a workspace to be more effective.

At Rumpus, we are fortunate to have floor to ceiling windows! All that natural light, we hardly even turn the lights on!

Measure Waste

In the office, it's easy to lose track of the amount of waste we produce. Printer paper, coffee pods, water bottles and single-use cups: it's a lot!

Having recycling bins is a must in the office; separate bins for paper, plastic and food waste help keep a closer eye on waste, and obviously, make it ridiculously easy for everyone to recycle properly.

Work together

Designating a person or small team to focus on sustainability will help raise awareness and accomplish more for your workplace. They can educate, produce targets, make projects, and begin a program. Getting everyone to use recycling bins, energy-efficient appliances and green cleaning supplies will help.

Whatever you do to make your office greener, the smallest steps help reduce our impact on the environment.



Hope Edwards, Junior Content Producer