Innovation and Sustainability: the forecast for construction in 2022 is looking green.

It’s fair to say that the past few years have been a bumpy ride for everyone working across the construction sector. Budget cuts, the skills shortage and mounting pressure on delivering high-quality, low-cost solutions – all the while keeping up with the UK housing crisis and departure from the EU. This heady mix has made for a challenging time.

Smart tech is getting smarter and greener; sustainability is key in property development, and employee health and safety – especially mental health – is an increasingly critical aspect of working life.

We’ve taken a look at some of the key things anyone working in construction should be aware of this year and beyond.


Effective Technology

On-site robotics are continuing to dominate construction sites around the world, which means buildings are shooting up faster than ever before. Able to lift heavy loads and work at a pace beyond the capabilities of manual labour, machinery can even tackle tasks like bricklaying to produce speedy results void of human error. When used in collaboration with skilled labourers, the advances we have seen across property development can be astonishing.

Gadgets such as construction drones have had a 239% increase year on year. It allows aerial photography for working sites, real estate and commercial efforts. AR (augmented reality) is another global piece of technology that is effective for project-staging and making pre construction projects come alive. 

Building Information Modelling (BIM) plays a big role in efficiency for many businesses. BIM provides professionals at every stage of the build process with visionary project planning. The digital description it creates at the start of the process allows developers to have an accurate vision of the end result.


Sustainability Push

Many businesses are pushing for greener ways of working, including the use of green technology. In construction, this considers how we can make our buildings more energy efficient, so they have a lower carbon footprint and lower environmental impact. 

In 2022, push for innovation with renewables and recyclables is greater than ever. Using materials such as sustainable concrete could cut CO2 emissions by almost 50%. 

Some of the top sustainable trends for 2022 include:

  • Renewable energy becoming increasingly cheaper
  • 3D printing to reduce waste, cost of raw materials and mass print custom designs
  • ESG investment by businesses 


Industry Growth

Since Brexit and then the pandemic, the construction industry has responded very well. Having recovered from the supply chain disruption and challenges with sourcing materials in 2020/21 has helped too. 

Construction was key during the pandemic, from building hospitals in just a few days and continuing to provide homes. Being one of the few industries to continue operations, many people trained and started working in the industry. From working on larger sites, to help out mates’ roofing businesses, the trade continues. This allowed construction to maintain throughout the past few years and carry on into the future. 



Architecture and build design

This year's design forecast is linked with the new era of tech, sustainability and minimalist culture that we can expect from the decade.

Industrial, minimalist style and an emphasis on open and outdoor spaces indicate an ongoing transition towards simpler living. The trend of renovating older properties, such as mills and disused churches, pubs and even hospitals, shows how we’re creating space-effective living and reusing existing buildings for good.

As mentioned above, smart tech in the home is also bringing about a new era of intelligent properties, allowing people to control appliances even when they’re miles from home. Did someone say put the kettle on?


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Hope Edwards, Junior Content Producer