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Created an online following of over 35,000 in 18 months

Used experiential activity to boost social engagement

Contributed to new listings in Tesco and Asda


Iconic freezepop brand, Mr Freeze, tasked Rumpus to increase its consumer engagement through social media and bring the brand into the 21st Century whilst retaining its retro connotations.

The key objective was to remind consumers of the much-loved childhood brand whilst introducing Mr Freeze to the next generation.


We used the tag line ‘reintroducing the coolest pop in the universe’ and ran audience profiling research to help target the right people on social media.

We developed a social media campaign, creating a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram page for the brand from scratch. The strategy was two-fold, targeting both teenagers and parents, as a high proportion of sales fell within these target markets. We identified peak purchasing times for different audiences, and ran a successful campaign targeting pregnant women with cravings for ice pops.

We introduced many engagement tactics, including video and spot the difference competitions, and used media to amplify the messaging.


Over a two year campaign, Rumpus created an online community for Mr Freeze, with a combined digital following of over 35,000 people.

Summer sampling campaign extended brand reach and engagement to a new audience.

Rumpus placed Mr Freeze on the map within the ice cream and frozen foods sector.

Two new listings were achieved with major UK retailers.

Data from social media helped develop overall marketing strategy.

Over 50 pieces of trade coverage helped amplify the social messaging.

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