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Over 600 pieces of trade coverage

400% business growth over engagement period

Retained for over 7 years


To raise awareness of the catering equipment supplier within the hospitality trade, securing coverage in industry features.


Our years of hospitality PR experience meant we understood Stephensons’ target market and audience immediately. We identified target titles and positioned Henry Stephenson as an industry expert on a range of topics, from tableware trends to providing the perfect serve.

We also developed trend reports, predicting market changes for years to come, and provided in depth analysis of the catering market. Over the years, we established Stephensons as one of the leading authorities in the catering industry.


Over 600 pieces of trade coverage

Henry Stephenson named in the top 20 hospitality influencers

Many new leads generated, contributing to 400% business growth

Event and awards sponsorship negotiated

Three trends reports generated and distributed to trade press

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