The Big Idea

Launching a new hygiene brand onto the UK market during a pandemic

Priestley Group

Satino by WEPA, a brand under WEPA Professional had a strong presence on the continent but with rising demand, there was an opportunity to launch in the UK in mid-2020. Rumpus was briefed to achieve widespread presence across trade media to generate leads for the UK & Ireland sales manager.


What we did...

Priestley Group

We identified two areas that made Satino stand out:

  • Hand hygiene - the hand dryers vs paper towels debate.

    A study by the University of Connecticut revealed that hand towels were far more effective in preventing the spread of harmful bacteria. As a supplier (and champion) of paper hand towels, we drove conversation around safer hand drying, encouraging businesses to switch.

  • COVID-19 compliance

    Offering a full suite of solutions, Satino was perfectly positioned to advise businesses on what they should look for when upgrading their facilities.

After identifying these key areas, we agreed on a campaign tagline that captured the Satino by WEPA ethos while acknowledging the challenge of the pandemic:
‘We’ll protect hands, even if we can’t shake them.’

It was crucial that we had a consistent presence wherever facilities managers and business owners would typically look for new suppliers – this meant placing an emphasis on digital touchpoints.

To maximise impact within the budget, we combined traditional media relations (news and feature content) with the following.

  • Developed the brand and tone of voice for launch, alongside an advertising agency
  • Implemented a tailored media plan (advertorials & editorial)
  • Managed all proactive media outreach
  • Interviews with trade press pitched and managed
  • Set up a UKI LinkedIn for UK & Ireland customers.
  • Built Satino by WEPA’s LinkedIn following.
  • Content creation for the UK website in the form of monthly blogs.
  • Created an effective keyword strategy for SEO.
  • Assisted with trade exhibition: The Cleaning Show, London

The Results

What we achieved...

The impact on brand awareness was significant, with the UK sales manager reportedly receiving between one and three new business leads per week during the height of the launch campaign.

WEPA Professional secured three new contracts totaling £150,000 via the trade media coverage.

  • An ROI of 2.2:1 and 446,000 impressions across print, digital and social advertising, and PR activity.
  • 126% increase in LinkedIn followers in six months.
  • An average engagement rate of 7% on LinkedIn content (5% higher than industry standard).
  • 64,627 impressions from LinkedIn advertising, with 26% of clicks coming from users in business development.
  • Over 100 leads from The Cleaning Show in London.
  • Over 20 pieces of coverage.
increase in LinkedIn followers in six months
pieces of coverage
impressions from LinkedIn advertising
“I can say with confidence that the trade PR and marketing activity played a crucial role in driving new business leads – and helping us secure our first contracts. We simply could not have achieved what we have in this short time without this support.”

Ali Sharp, UK & Ireland sales manager for WEPA Professional (Satino by WEPA).

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