The Big Idea

Be the leading voice on the Green Homes Grant launch

In September 2020, the government launched the Green Homes Grant – a £2bn fund to accelerate the uptake of green technology. As the industry quality mark for renewable energy installations, MCS certification is a key requirement for work being completed under the new scheme. MCS wanted to own the conversation around the launch of the Green Homes Grant.


What we did...

  • Ran media training for the team, including chief executive, Ian Rippin, and an MCS installer.
  • Organised a survey of MCS installers to gauge their views on the Green Homes Grant ahead of the launch.
  • Operated a reactive and proactive press office to engage with national and trade media
  • Identified news hooks to ramp up commentary from MCS before and after the launch
  • Consistently raised the profile of Ian Rippin, to position him as the go-to authority on the scheme

Key results include:

  • Achieved 26 pieces of coverage (as of Nov 2020), including the Daily Mail, Evening Standard, MailOnline, Sunday/Daily Telegraph, The Times and MSN.
  • Reached an audience of 4.9 million consumers and industry leaders across all press activity.
  • Secured two by-lined articles in trade media for Ian Rippin, discussing the scheme in detail.
  • Established MCS as the go-to authority on the Green Homes Grant, demonstrated by six inbound national media enquiries following our initial outreach

The Results

What we achieved...

Million - Reach
0Pieces of Coverage
including the Daily Mail, Evening Standard, MailOnline, Sunday/Daily Telegraph and The Times
0By-lined articles
including a double-paged spread
0Thought Leadership
Proactive comments

Media Split (%)

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