The Big Idea

Sit alongside other premium competitors in the UK market and be considered as a leading brand

Priestley Group

Premium gin brand, Brockmans, briefed us on launching the product to market. They wanted Brockmans to sit alongside other premium gin competitors in the UK market and be considered as a leading brand.


What we did...

Priestley Group

Rumpus used its extensive knowledge of the drinks trade media to launch the gin successfully and distribute news of the product to the drinks trade press, as well as other media engagement tactics.

As a further push to the on trade, Rumpus created and organised the ‘Art of Darkness’ bartender cocktail competition. This was for bartenders in London to compete to create a new cocktail with Brockmans Gin as its base. The winning cocktail was announced as its signature serve.

The Results

What we achieved...

Rumpus achieved widespread coverage for the launch across trade and consumer media, positioning the brand at the forefront of its category. The cocktail competition was a huge success in not only identifying a fabulous serve for the gin, but building the brand awareness and creating standout in a crowded market.

industry and bartender attendees across five events
0pieces trade Launch coverage
Listings secured in London

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