07 Apr

7th April 2017

The week in brief


Last week, we ended The Splash on a high, with the team heading off to watch Michelle McManus’ one woman comedy show in Sale. The show was spectacular, and despite reservations from some members of the team (we’re looking at you Paul and Gareth!), she had us all in stitches.

rumpus team

The weekend fun didn’t stop for Martyn and Paul, who were up super early on Sunday morning to attend the Manchester Marathon. Thankfully they were there to support a client, not to run in the event itself, so there was no training required!


Lauren and Martyn spent Wednesday filming a social media video for Housing Units. We don’t want to give too much away, but we’re looking forward to revealing all soon. Until then, here’s a sneak peek of them on set!

martyn camera

Housing Units have been working closely with children’s cancer research charity, Kidscan, over the past two years and the retail store has raised an amazing £23,000 to date for the charity. To celebrate this partnership and Housing Units’ 70th birthday, CEO Nick Fox surprised children of Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital’s Ward 84 last Friday with a delivery of Norman the Doorman teddy bears. Dawn and Lauren were on hand to witness this special occasion – there were smiles all around and the children were thrilled. You can read more about this visit online in The Best of Manchester. A proportion of every Norman the Doorman teddy sale goes towards raising vital funds for Kidscan, so don’t hesitate to purchase a bear here or pop into store!

HU teddy bear

And finally, Gareth is attending the Northern Business Exhibition at Event City today. So far, he has had a great day gathering inspiration and meeting other like-minded business individuals.


Industry comment


Award Advice

Georgina Christopher
Senior PR Executive


When it comes to writing an award entry, it can be difficult to know where to start. How do you showcase your biggest achievements and give your business the best chance of success?

Here are some points to consider when drafting an award entry:

Which category should I enter?

Think about your USPs. If you’ve excelled in customer service this year, launched a new product, service or held a stand-out event, choose a category that showcases this. If you’ve done a number of these things, don’t be afraid to enter multiple categories.

Evidence is everything

Each sentence should have a clear point to make, with supporting evidence to back it up. Whether this is survey results, examples, testimonials or money spent on a campaign, it will all strengthen your case.

Keep it concise

It’s easy to get carried away and begin to ramble on. Refer back to keywords in the questions to keep you on track, remembering that all points should link back to business growth and how this helped achieve that.

Cut out the jargon

Always get someone unfamiliar with the industry to read through the entry before submission. There should be no technical jargon, and if it’s absolutely necessary, include a clear explanation of its meaning.


Rumpents’ final thoughts



Three words to describe this week – hot, cold and busy!



Excited to spend the weekend in Blackpool with a big group of friends in our own private B&B!



It’s a weekend for home improvements. I prefer to take more of a directorial role…



Looking forward to eating my way through Manchester this weekend, whilst catching up with friends



As soon as anyone starts telling you to be “realistic”, cross that person off your list



Looking forward to my weekly meditation class this weekend!



Ready for a weekend of eating, drinking and little else!



I’m off down to London this weekend for a friend’s birthday, hopefully it’s sunny!

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