03 Mar

3rd March 2017

The week in brief


The weather may be wintery, but we’ve had plenty to keep us feeling sunny this week!

Paul attended the Midland Wine and Spirit Society’s AGM and Annual Luncheon in Birmingham on Tuesday. Alongside the wine itself, a highlight of the event was listening to special guest speaker, Gary Newbon, regale sporting tales.


Final preparations are underway for the opening of Spire’s new hospital in Didsbury.  It looks set to be a great event, with Chief Executive of Manchester City Council, Sir Howard Bernstein, as the guest of honour.

The House Crowd’s CEO, Frazer Fearnhead, held a seminar this week advising how to build sustainable wealth using a property crowdfunding platform. It was a brilliant evening, and feedback was so positive that plans for another seminar are already in the pipeline.



It’s been a great week of coverage for Kidscan, thanks to Wellington School’s annual fundraising walk. The story has been covered by 10 regional titles including the Altrincham and Sale Messenger and Lancashire Evening Telegraph.

The hunt is still on for Housing Units’ oldest customer receipt. The search has intensified since it was featured the Oldham Evening Chronicle, and we’ve now received receipts from as far back as the 1970s! If you think you can beat that, then post a snap of your receipt on Housing Units’ Facebook page here for your chance to win £70 vouchers and Platinum Afternoon Tea for Two! But get them in quick as the competition ends next Thursday.



We’ve been so busy recently that we’ve neglected our social calendar, so to make amends, we made our way into Altrincham for a few drinks on Thursday. It’s the first of three social events this month, including a wine tasting quiz and a one woman stand-up show by none other than former Pop Idol winner, Michelle McManus!


Industry comment


The Psychology behind colour and branding

Lauren Venables
Digital Executive

The digital world is a fast-paced one, and mirrors today’s need for immediacy and speed. With the internet crammed full of information, people’s attention spans tend to be limited, which makes effective branding and marketing key in captivating a customer’s attention.

How, then, do brands make an impact? It is easier to hook someone in with a visual cue than it is to present them with reams of written information. An impressive image, as long as it is targeting the correct audience, can provide that all important proverbial ‘foot in the door’. Initiating that first conversation between brand and consumer goes beyond simple imagery – it extends to colour too.

The psychology of colour and its powers of persuasion are an important consideration in the digital world. It is thought that 90% of snap judgements made about products can be based on colour alone. Choosing that perfect colour has never been more important.

There are certain colours that are thought to evoke specific, positive emotional responses in people. Yellow is thought to create optimism and clarity, but when overused, can be harsh on the senses. Red inspires passion and can create a sense of urgency, often why it is used as a dominant colour in clearance sales. More earthy colours such as green and brown are easy on the eye, often used to reflect ‘natural products’ that lend themselves to ideas such as wood, greenery and the outdoors. With blue the most popular colour in the world, it is often used regularly whereas orange is the most disliked and therefore rarely used.

It is worth noting, however, that the way in which a colour makes a person feel is subjective, with people feeling a variety of emotions that are unique to personal circumstance and memories. Perhaps then, emphasis should not lie on how a colour makes people feel or even the colour itself but rather the perceived appropriateness of the colour being used for that brand, or in other words, whether the colour ‘fits’ what is being sold.

What is clear, though, is that colour plays a key role in successful branding and marketing as it influences how consumers view the ‘personality’ of a brand, and ultimately whether they will commit within an ever-increasing non-committal culture.  


Rumpents’ final thoughts



We can’t always shout about what we do, but here is a whisper – well done crisis team, brilliantly executed



Excited to see my parents this weekend after their annual three months in India



Off to the Madchester baby rave this weekend – can’t wait!



Looking forward to catching up on some sleep before a busy March ahead



Wondering whether my decision for Lent was the right one. I’m not so sure after day one #missingcoffee



Excited to spend the weekend with my dog Minnie!



Sending massive congrats to former Rumpent, Annabel, who is getting married this weekend!



I’ll be spending Friday night catching up with my sister who is back from uni for the weekend

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