02 Jun

2nd June 2017

Today would have been Martyn’s 4th work anniversary and, whilst he would have been in New York, painting every street red, we know he’d have reminded us to celebrate.

Many things have been written about Martyn – mostly taken from his personal escapades with his fantastic group of friends.

We want to pay tribute to his work life, because he brought all of that light and laughter to the office from 9 to 5 each day. He worked with utter professionalism, he was conscientious and he was a great mentor to those around him. He had his moments of defiance, and the odd Monday morning blip, but mostly he brought us energy and creativity.

Rumpus employees, past and present, have sent in their memories and tributes to sit here on the Splash. They’ll stay until we stop telling the world about Martyn, and instead use them to remind ourselves of his contribution to the world of PR and Rumpus.

Where do I start, Martyn with a Y?  A book is more appropriate than a short passage in this instance, but here it goes.

This is a tribute to a boy who became a man in the space of four years. During this time, you graced us with fun, energy and dedication – with a weekly run down of the latest pop culture trend or diva mishap thrown in.

Martyn, you had the talent for the modern world of communications. An all-rounder, you worked and lived alongside celebrity media and reality TV, publishing all your antics for the world to follow.

We knew you cared about work, but we also knew you were prone to pulling some corkers out of the bag on occasion. It was part of who you were.

The time when you asked for the next day off to go on Breakfast TV, we had to say yes, as we knew we could never stop you doing the things you loved. You came back with a ‘hiya’ and a new best mate from Heat radio, so it all ended well as it usually did. It’s what you loved doing, but we also knew you would be back to work keen and eager with all that positive energy. 

Luckily you had some great people at Rumpus to steer you in the right direction in those early days. You stayed loyal because of the agency we are.  I used to question the cycling shorts and random 80’s fashion, but now I miss them. You did the ultimate Christmas quizzes, which we loved, and I remember your aghast expression when Gareth won the Mariah round. No matter who we mentioned you had a ‘mutual friend’ on Facebook. You took secret videos of me at my worst, I knew you were compiling a mini epic (I didn’t mind really).

You were just simply a fabulous human being, we will keep you alive at Rumpus, I promise.

– Paul


You always pretended not to understand my Irish brogue when you did not want to hear me – and threw a perplexed, bewildered look that somehow diffused any further inbound comment.

I loved the ‘cut of your jib’ and the shade that you could throw with a brief glance or a rant of a few syllables to the enjoyment of your audience. You always had an audience Martyn, a queue in anticipation of your next spark of creativity or a remark that would invoke a cackle of laughter, echoed by yours that would always outlast all. In almost four years you never did make me a single cup of coffee – numerous requests were made, but the act of making coffee did not light your fire and it did not float your boat – you didn’t do it – you were true to yourself and were living to the full. I reciprocated by not making you tea which made us honours even; well that’s what I thought, until a fortnight ago when I made you your first cup of tea – so that put you in front.

I am so so glad that I made you that brew my friend – I will never ever forget you.

– Gareth

I have so many fond memories of you Martyn it is difficult to single out just a few. When you managed to persuade our client to take part in an all-singing, all-dancing video to Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You, naturally you made sure we both starred in it. And when I drove us around in a van for a weekend of sampling at a festival, you brought your portable speaker and blasted out feel good tunes (including more Mariah) whilst we sung at full pelt with grins on our faces. You laughed and joked with strangers and wangled us a free go on a fairground ride. Your quick wit, infectious cackle, hilarious videos and the way you could strike fear in me when I received a ‘Martyn had tagged you in a photo’ notification!

In the four years I’ve known and had the pleasure of working with you, there has never been a dull moment. Particularly when you moved into my team and we worked a lot closer together, you had me laughing on a daily basis.

Behind it all you were also caring, kind hearted and always thinking of others. Great company, desk buddy and friend.

I’ve enjoyed watching you grow in the PR/digital world, and as a person, and I feel like a really proud big sis. You were one in a billion and I will miss you tremendously.

– Jen

‘Loif is fer LIVIN.’ I’ve lost count of how many times you recited that statement, in a thick, comedy Irish accent.

There’s so much to remember you by, but I’ll always recall that statement and how you embodied it.

Whether it was rocking up at the station – moments before the train arrived – in a flamboyant outfit and your bug-eye sunglasses, excitedly introducing us to your latest (incredibly niche) musical find, or cackling at the fear you could incite in me with one swipe of your iPhone, you found the fun in everything.

Thank you for the New Year’s Eve parties that lasted until 8am, for cracking out the red wine and Celine Dion performances whenever I was down, for the spontaneous videos at 3am on a Saturday morning, and for generally making each day brighter.

Thank you for all of it. You were the absolute best.

– Lucy

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I’ve never met anyone quite like you, and doubt I ever will. You were kind, talented, thoughtful and so, so funny! Your incredible knack for observational humour and interest in niche music, TV shows and celeb culture drew me to you instantly.

Your unique ability to make everyone feel like your best friend was incredible, and I so often made my way to work, eager to know your take on the latest celebrity meltdown or ‘iconic’ key change in Steps’ new single. We listened to the new Little Mix album twice through and rated each song from best to worst – an extremely difficult task on such an amazing album we both agreed.

I laughed until I cried on countless occasions, and am immeasurably grateful for the joy that you brought to my life and so many others. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have known you and will treasure the hilarious, wonderful memories forever. One in a billion. Icon.

– Georgie

My first encounter with Martyn was when he interviewed me for my job at Rumpus. He was wearing a brilliant mustard shirt and was all smiles, instantly putting me at ease. I liked him from the outset – charismatic, fun and a ray of sunshine, just like the weather that allowed us to chat on the balcony that day. If you had asked me then the impact meeting Martyn would have upon me, I would probably have stared at you in a questioning and confused manner. But six months on, I now know. He opened countless doors and opportunities for me, a few of which I imagine he was never truly aware of. He often left me in awe; the speed and efficiency that he worked at, juggling clients whilst sharing and entrusting his creative expertise with me. He was, and will always be, the digital master, and throughout, his smile never once faltered.

I was his first junior executive that he managed and he was my first direct line manager. We were a team and I can’t put into words how much I learnt off him. He was the best mentor I could have hoped for; a fountain of knowledge, enthusiasm and encouragement and for that I will be eternally grateful. Specifically though, he taught me one thing that I will never forget. Martyn lived life to the full and, whilst I already realised this fact, he really cemented in me that life is simply beautiful. He welcomed me with open arms on that first day, beaming, and signed off in the exact same way. He told me that everything would be fine and I trust and believe that Martyn is right – he always was.

– Lauren

Martyn and I shared a deep passion for 90s culture – from Sybil to Supermarket Sweep, Spice Girls to shell suits, we covered it all. We were both horrified when we made the realisation that many of the Rumpus team had been BORN in the nineties!

Martyn took this 90s obsession to the next level when he got me for Secret Santa a few years ago. He’d managed to source an original copy of my teen self’s no. 1 read – a copy of Smash Hits from 1994. I was made up.

Martyn, I’m cranking up Absolute 90s for you – thank you for making the world a brighter, kinder place. Although I’ll never forgive you for Cheryl Aster.

– Vicky

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Martyn was, and will remain, a truly unique and beautiful person. He will always be close in the hearts of everyone who was lucky enough to know him. I am blessed to have known Martyn and his infectious love for life. We should all live more like Martyn lived every single day. Forever and always an icon.

– Dawn

Although I only worked with Martyn for just over a year, I don’t think anyone has ever made such an impression on me. He was so funny, so kind and thoughtful, and so incredibly talented. When I think of him, I can so clearly hear his laugh/cackle and his unique way of saying ‘Hiya’.

I have so many fond memories of him; letting him take a day off work to celebrate the release of Mariah Carey’s new album, his lunch break charity shop shopping sprees, his insistence on playing Christmas music from the 1st December, his utter delight at the arrival of his Gail Platt cardboard cut-out, dancing with him at the Builder & Engineer Awards, and so many more. The last time I saw him, the first thing he said to me (of course, being Martyn) was, ‘Oh my god, can you tell me that I’m beautiful in Norwegian??’

RIP Martyn. I feel so lucky to have known you; you were truly one in a billion and I can’t really believe you’re gone xxx

– Annabel

My time working with Martyn was short but incredibly sweet, and it is time I will cherish forever. We shared fond tales of our nights out in the Village and compared notes on the escapades we both enjoyed during our annual Pride Weekender. Undoubtedly, we concluded, our paths will have crossed on many a drunken occasion, probably while dancing to Mariah Carey. 

I’m one of the lucky ones who was able to put a voice, a face, a hug to the social media icon and I’m so glad my darling son got to meet you last summer. 

Like so many, my life has most definitely been enriched by knowing you and I feel unbelievably honoured to have shared some time with you at Rumpus. 

I promise to #BeMoreMartyn and to instil this spirit, this legacy – your legacy – into my boy Archie. Goodnight Martyn, shine brightly just as you did in life. 

– Sara

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I have never met anyone with the willpower to stick to the Atkins diet the way he did. He was my hero in so many ways, and he’ll continue to inspire me throughout my life and my career. There is no doubt in my mind his legacy will live on through his beautiful family, friends, colleagues and of course, his presence on the internet.

I can see his face right now, he’s screaming “Mariah posted about me, and Wendy left a seat for me – my life is made!” I, like everyone else, will miss his eccentricity, his creativity and his passion. I will be at the tribute concert on Sunday night, dancing, smiling and remembering. Martyn will hold a special place in my heart, always.

– Hannah

What can I say about Martyn that he had not already said himself … not a lot, because he was the ultimate extrovert, a man who shared everything – he was the life and soul of the office, an enthusiastic, warm, thoroughly nice guy.

My abiding memories of Martyn sum up his creative and flamboyant personality – these are stories which I’ve continued to recount over the years since we worked together.

One afternoon, half-jokingly, I asked Martyn to remind me to not get on my usual tram the next morning as we were heading to a client meeting in Stockport. In typical Martyn fashion, he went above and beyond, sending me a photo shopped tram, complete with facial features, a pointing finger, and a speech bubble “DO NOT BOARD ME THIS MORNING!” – It was vintage Martyn. Witty and talented.

Another memory of Martyn I cherish is his mocking of my fondness for the Miley Cyrus song ‘We Can’t Stop’. I don’t fit the Miley superfan stereotype and Martyn was all too happy to remind me of that whilst roaring with laughter for the rest of the working day. I’ll stand by the fact that it’s a catchy song and always think of Martyn when I hear it (or sing it at karaoke…)!

Martyn was a colleague I said I’d never forget, and never will.

– Richard

It’s a cliché, but if there’s one person I know that lived life to the full and seized every day like it was his last, it was Martyn. With his witty banter and penchant for fun he made even the bleakest of moments enjoyable and worthwhile, be it with a throwaway comment or a crass remark there was never a dull minute when Martyn was in the office. 

His kindness, enthusiasm and lust for life will always be remembered. He will be missed, but never forgotten.

– Sarah


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