24 Feb

24th February 2017

The week in brief


As Storm Doris continues to wreak havoc around the country, we’re happy to report we’ve had a much smoother week here at Rumpus!

Lauren attended a great event hosted by Bring Digital on Wednesday. She brushed up on her knowledge of SEO, PPC and enjoyed speaking to other digital enthusiasts at the workshop, which was held in the Manchester Chamber of Commerce.


Housing Units’ 70th birthday is a mere few weeks away now, and we launched the first in a series of videos this week to celebrate. It features customers sharing their fondest memories of the store, which, for some, date back as far as fifty years! The video has received a whopping 21,000 views on Facebook already, and you can watch it in full here:

It is still not too late to get involved in the celebrations yourself – the hunt for the oldest customer receipt is still on! For your chance to win £70 worth of vouchers and a Platinum Afternoon Tea, dig out your oldest receipts and post them on Housing Units’ Facebook page.

Destiny Foods has been exhibiting at the Casual Dining Show in London this week, showcasing a range of products including its baseless New York style cheesecake and NCGI Sticky Toffee Pudding. Their staff were on hand to offer advice on everything from menu solutions to key product information.  



Martyn and Lauren are out of the office this morning, building on their videography skills with a training session in Didsbury – we look forward to seeing what new techniques they pick up! Whilst they were there, our newest recruit, Lauren, also had her photo done. And finally, Wellington School’s annual charity fundraiser walk is under way. The event is in aid of children’s cancer charity, Kidscan, and the students will be walking ten miles to support the cause. We couldn’t think of a better way to spend a Friday in February! If you would like to help support Kidscan, please donate here.


Industry comment


Communication strategies should never be brokered

Gareth Clements
Commercial Director

Our world is filled with ‘middle men’ – introducers who gain financial reward by brokering two parties together. This model is exceedingly successful and benefits both the customer and supplier when both are aware of the part they play. This mechanic, however, can become flawed when the ‘middle man’ is not fully transparent with the customer, the supplier or both. If anybody within the party is not fully aware that three players exist, the warning bells should be sounded.

Within the world of PR, there can be instances where agencies call upon freelancers or industry experts – whether this is to help with workload, or even to ensure the best results for the client. This is common practice, and provided the freelancer understands the messaging, deliverables and needs of the client, it can prove incredibly fruitful. Problems can arise, however, when the agency fragments the business without communicating properly with the client or the supplier. It not only affects the relationship between the client and agency, but can affect the reputation of the supplier.  

As an industry, it is our responsibility to be transparent when it comes to outsourcing work. Not only does it benefit the agency, supplier and the client, but the industry as a whole. 


Success Stories


February saw an explosion of coverage for The Fragrance Shop and we smashed our target, securing 275 pieces of national and regional coverage! Highlights include pieces in the Independent, the Daily Star, Vogue and the Mail Online

The House Crowd was featured in the Daily Express this month, with CEO Frazer Fearnhead discussing the potential problem that older workers will face accessing their pension pots. We also secured a great piece on City AM in which Frazer discussed Stockport’s rise in popularity – you can read it here

We received some great coverage for Spire’s new 65m Hospital in Didsbury, including a piece on MSN, which you can read here 

McAuliffe’s CEO, John McAuliffe, was featured on Builder & Engineer, discussing the housing white paper and the government’s renewed commitment to construction on brownfield land

The first in a series of videos we created for Housing Units’ 70th birthday has achieved a massive 21,000 views on Facebook in just five days – you can watch it here

And finally, February 3rd was an exciting day for @HousingUnits, who were trending in the United Kingdom!

Rumpents’ final thoughts



The Brits 2017 was quite possibly the worst I’ve ever seen. A celebration of mediocrity



Hoping Storm Doris is the last of the winter weather – roll on spring!



Planning on going home to Chester and cuddling my golden retriever all weekend!



You cannot plough a field by simply turning it over in your mind 🙂



Looking forward to a relaxing weekend with lots of Netflix and blankets keeping warm from the storm



Is ready to kiss goodbye to February next week and head off to Oslo!



Enjoyed watching the Brits this week – a highlight being one of Katy Perry’s houses falling off stage!



I could talk about a difficult task carried out superbly by Chris Martin, I could mention another terrible performance by Robbie Williams or I could talk about the weather. But I have a word limit so I will mention the amazing way in which

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