17 Mar

17th March 2017

The week in brief


After all the cold weather we’ve been having, we were delighted to see the sun peeking through the clouds this week. We had our first roof terrace meeting of 2017, and there were even the odd pair of sunglasses on show!


Vicky celebrated her birthday lounging in the Lakes on Monday, so on Tuesday we had a belated birthday celebration in the office. We celebrated with not one, but two cakes – one of which was a Victoria Sponge, of course!


Speaking of birthdays, Housing Units celebrated its 70th birthday on Thursday, and we marked the occasion by posting a video we had produced telling the company’s incredible story. It’s already had nearly 10,000 views on Facebook!

We also announced the winner of our oldest customer receipt competition. Arnold Taylor shocked us all by sending in two receipts, one dated 1969 and another dated 1966! He came to pick up his prize, £70 vouchers and Afternoon Tea for Two, on Thursday, which was not only Housing Units’ birthday, but also his! Here is 89 year old Arnold with his wife Ida. Ahhh!


And the birthday fun doesn’t stop there. The House Crowd celebrated its fifth birthday this week – a great feat for the world’s first property crowdfunding platform. We’re looking forward to joining them in Hale this evening to toast their success.

Review travel has had a fantastic week too, with the launch of their new online booking tool, OrBiT. Featured online on PALife, the new tool will help to simplify the booking process for business travellers, and provides access to a large range of travel and accommodation options around the globe.

Finally, Gareth had a great time on Thursday with the Growth Hub. Joining other business owners in the local area, he enjoyed learning about effective ways in which to increase business growth and came away full of ideas.

Growth hub

Industry comment


Be brave, be bold

Victoria Daly
Director of PR

An old boss of mine was fond of reminding his staff that to make progress, it was better to beg forgiveness than seek permission. Cue much eye-rolling, grumbling and speculation about legal and regs teams having heart attacks. However, those words have stuck with me, and it’s a statement we live by here at Rumpus.

Fear is a paralysing thing, and it’s often more comfortable to revert back to a defensive position, focusing on what could go wrong. All very understandable in a world where the wrong word can travel the globe in a second, and reputations can be destroyed with a careless tweet or comment.

However, if we never push any boundaries, we will never progress. The most impactful marketing activity comes from taking risks – calculated risks. It’s all about coming from a place of authenticity and honesty.

One of the strengths of agency life is being able to bounce ideas off other marketeers, who bring their different experiences to the table to evaluate and improve ideas. We have a blend of risk-takers and those who are more cautious at Rumpus Towers, meaning every creative idea has been sense-checked to balance any potential risk against the benefits for our clients.

Not everything is going to work the way we want it. Sometimes it won’t come off, but it won’t be time wasted because we will learn from the experience. By thinking through possible outcomes and assessing the impact of each scenario, we can experiment and be bold without compromising reputations. Only by being brave can we help our clients to be true leaders.


Rumpents’ final thoughts



Ten working days left until the clocks go forward! Let the sun shine on quarter two



Delighted to have received my 1 stone award from Slimming World after a mere 5 weeks!



Wishing I was back in the lovely Lake District. Ah well, Altrincham will have to do this weekend!



Excited to attend The Photography Show at the NEC in Birmingham tomorrow!



There are only two kinds of people in the world, the Irish and those who wish they were – Happy St. Pats 🙂



Really enjoyed Grease at The Palace Theatre this week!



Has gone to extreme lengths to win the affections of office dog, Tala, this week, sourcing the ‘approved’ style of toilet roll core



Had a fantastic time watching Evita at The Lowry on Thursday, such a talented cast!

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