10 Mar

10th March 2017

The week in brief


This week started with a bang, week with the opening of the new Spire Hospital in Didsbury. Vicky, Paul and Gareth attended the special evening, which saw VIP guests and Sir Howard Bernstein, Chief Executive of Manchester City Council, unveil the commemorative plaque.


Tuesday evening was the NWWSA’s annual wine quiz at Robinson’s Brewery in Stockport. We were split into two teams, which caused a little bit of inner-office rivalry, and whilst neither team won the trophy, Paul, Lauren and Martyn’s team came an impressive 2nd place! A great night was had by all, and we left in high spirits, with a renewed knowledge of fine wine!

Wine quiz

Martyn and Lauren headed to Altin Homes’ new showroom on Wednesday to film some of the developer’s latest new-builds. They got some great interior and exterior shots of the houses and are looking forward to editing together the footage.


Lucy, Georgie, Gareth and Paul attended McAuliffe’s annual Sportsman’s Dinner on Wednesday evening. With funds being raised in aid of Parkinsons UK, the event was a great success. BBC broadcaster and commentator, Dominic McGuiness, hosted the evening, which included a Q&A session with Sale Sharks’ Peter Stringer.

Spire opening

Finally, we have received some great coverage this week, including six pieces for Clearly Drinks covering topics such as the benefits of drinking zero-sugar water and their partnership with Sugarwise. The House Crowd has also been in the news for their respected work as landlords for three homeless students. With features in both the MEN and MSN online, the company has helped the trio back on their feet, securing accommodation in order to complete their exams and begin a new chapter in their lives.

Industry comment


In Defence of Millennials

Martyn Hett
Digital Manager

“Do you ever switch off?”

It’s a question I’ve been asked countless times by friends and family. The trouble is, content creation and storytelling is not just a job for me, it’s innate. For as long as I can remember, the joy of sharing an experience with others has always played a key part in the experience itself – whether it was forcing my friends to listen to tales of my exploits, or selling the magazine I used to produce on my Windows 98 PC at school.

It used to be a relatively unique trait, but the birth of social media has brought everybody’s inner-narcissist to the surface, and the mass media are fascinated by it. Not a week goes by without a vitriol-filled thinkpiece claiming all millennials are validation-seeking goblins, whose need for instant gratification has ruined everything. It’s easy to understand why, when the news is littered with stories surrounding Azealia Banks’ Twitter spats and Kim Kardashian’s record-breaking ‘belfies’ on Instagram, but I can’t help that feel these observations are often thinly-veiled attacks by those who fear change.

A claim I often read is that millennials no longer communicate, instead choosing to bury their faces in their phones and tablets. If anything, these technologies have helped to enhance communication, allowing us to stay connected with friends, school acquaintances and distant family that in a previous generation we may have lost contact with. Platforms such as Twitter allow us to interact with strangers in a way we would never have been able to previously, and immersing ourselves in these digital platforms does not mean we are no longer able to communicate physically. Like anything in life, it all comes down to balance and moderation.

Millennials, and even the up-and-coming Generation Z, have also proven themselves to be an increasingly creative bunch. Shopping app and social network, Depop, has turned a large number of teens and young adults into mini entrepreneurs, and YouTubers have become the new A-list celebrities thanks to content they have created themselves. I recently visited two of my friends whose daughter, Ruby, had set up her own YouTube channel. I was amazed to discover that not only had she filmed the videos herself, but edited and uploaded them, all at the tender age of eight.

The millennial generation has been the subject of such intense media scrutiny that even the word itself now seems to have negative connotations. Like any generation, we have our flaws, but if we chose to embrace our differences and learn from one another, the world would be a much better place.


Rumpents’ final thoughts



If anyone wants a true sporting role model, have a look at Peter Stringer. Dedicated, passionate and playing rugby at the age of 40 – pretty rare!



Delighted to hear I’ll be interviewing Michelle McManus for the Manchester Evening News next week!



Quietly bankrupting myself booking tickets to the Manchester International Festival. Roll on July!



Excited for Soul Train in Liverpool Saturday evening, followed by a relaxing Spa day for my best friend’s birthday



For all those moments in your life when you think you can’t – think again!



Ready for some apartment organisation and relaxation this weekend



Looking forward to a weekend in London with friends!



I love that it’s finally feeling more like spring, bring on the rumoured 20 degree weather in April!

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