10 Feb

10th February 2017

The week in brief


Happy Friday! The weekend is almost here, and it’s been another great week at Rumpus HQ.

This week, McAuliffe Environmental and The House Crowd issued comments on the release of the highly anticipated housing white paper. Click here to read what Frazer Fearnhead, CEO at The House Crowd, had to say about its contents while talking to What House.

It’s been coverage aplenty for The Fragrance Shop, as we brought our Valentine’s Day push to a close. We achieved 40 pieces of coverage this week alone, including product placement in the Daily Express, Pick Me Up, The Independent, Woman’s Own and Daily Star.

fragrances final

The fun and excitement hasn’t been confined to the office, with Martyn, Lucy and Paul heading to a client meeting in the city centre on Thursday. It was a bitterly cold day, but as you can see, the shelter provided by a nice, warm tram proved to be a joyous occasion.

paul and martyn

Paul, Gareth and Lucy headed down south for a new business meeting earlier this week. Following the meeting, they stumbled into Chiquitos in Harlow, unaware the restaurant was new and had yet to open! The staff, who were on a training day, took the opportunity to get some practice in regardless, and served free food and mocktails to the team! Thanks guys!


Industry comment


The rise of the social influencer


Georgina Christopher
Senior PR Executive

It doesn’t take a walk down the high street anymore to discover the hottest fashion, beauty and fitness trends. It doesn’t even require a Google search. Simply open your social media feeds, and if, like me, you’re inundated by countless bloggers, reality TV stars and celebs promoting fast-fashion and ‘slimming’ tea, you’re already exposed to the power of the influencer.

Brands who may once have spent thousands on print advertising are now funnelling this money into sponsored advertising with individuals who appeal to their target audience. With latest figures suggesting that some of YouTube’s top stars charge hundreds of thousands of pounds to feature a brand’s products, it’s clear these stars mean business, and brands are more than willing to invest in such exposure.

There is, however, a balance that needs to be achieved between advertising and original content. Influencers must not only maintain their following, but also continue to grow it in order to remain profitable, and this relies on a degree of content authenticity. This is something that brands must bear in mind when embarking on such a strategy, weighing up how the individual fits in with the brand’s ethos and image. It’s one thing getting your brand noticed by thousands of people, but quite another to ensure that these consumers are now likely to buy your product.

Some industry professionals are questioning the future of influencers, and whether their usefulness has plateaued as social media is flooded with the same marketing strategy. Brands must focus on promoting quality content via equally high-quality channels, and as long as these values are maintained, brands will continue benefitting from influencer partnerships for many years to come.


Rumpents’ final thoughts



When your team get 300 pieces of positive coverage for a client in less than 4 months, there really is only one thing to do and that’s go to the pub!



Looking forward to celebrating Valentine’s Day with my fellow office singleton, Lucy, next week!



Celebrating my little boy’s 3rd birthday this weekend – with the entire world’s supply of Lego!



Excited to celebrate my auntie’s birthday this weekend with family



Life is not about the negative circumstances that happen to you, it’s about what you do with the golden opportunities hidden within them!



Off to Rufford this weekend to see my parents and my dog Minnie



Ready for Friday drinks with friends after a big week!



Lots of organising and unpacking this weekend as I move into my new flat in Manchester!

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